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Here at Chesterfield Foot Clinic we understand that foot and ankle pain, whatever the cause, can negatively impact your quality of life. It is thought that 1 in 5 adults have foot or ankle pain at any one time, whilst 75% of people will have painful or problematic toenails during their lifetime.

This is not surprising considering each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles, all working together to propel your body forward an estimated 8,000 steps per day.

That is why Chesterfield Foot Clinic offers a personal and professional podiatry, chiropody, and biomechanical service to meet all your foot health needs. Treatments range from nail care and orthotic prescription, through to minor surgery and advanced injection therapies, including corticosteroid injections.

"Before I had my orthotics I had pain in my feet and knees every day, now the pain has gone and I am far more active."

Matt C, Derbyshire

"My feet have never felt better; I love the friendly and professional service."

Joan M, Derbyshire

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